Why Should you
FIND OUT WHY bring your skin
to justice?
Beauty is only
skin deep
The Creation of Beauty is Art Why Should you FIND OUT WHY bring your skin
to justice?


My name is Natasha Justice-Recor certified and licensed esthetician specializing in skin care on the west side of El Paso. My Passion in my work involves creating a unique and individualized skin care action plan for each client’s unique troubled areas. How do we accomplish this? The methods include using high powered magnification to really get to the root of the issues, analyzing all the ingredients in their current skin care line,  and educating my clients so they leave with not only a plan of action, but have a better overall understanding of how to get what they ultimately desire with their skin. Treatments vary from enzyme peels, acne treatments, eyebrow shaping, lash extensions, body and face waxing, the newest permanent hair removal – electrolysis and my most sought after, technologically advanced HYDRAfacial treatments.



Improve the look of your skin, but also restore it to its healthiest state

Hair Care

Keep your look on fleek with tinting, waxing, and hair removal

Standard Facial

Reduce lines, wrinkles, and feel refreshed from a European facial

Our Work


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